Coinbase accountable for scams and to face public trial, order by U.S court

A federal California court has ordered Coinbase to appear in the public court as opposed by the law firm, Silver Miller. The class-action lawsuit against Coinbase’s laxity in verifying and reporting the suspicious transactions held by Vernon, the former CEO of Cryptsy.

Vernon is the sole operator of Cryptsy, an exchange platform that converted the digital currency to fiat $8.2 million and invested the money in Coinbase. Coinbase failed to comply with its regulatory norms in verifying Vernon’s accountability. Vernon reportedly fled to China in the year 2015 leaving Coinbase responsible for the illicit money laundering.

As described in a mail by the Co-founder of Silver Miller law firm, David C. Silver said that:

“the case is headed towards a public trial despite Coinbase’s best attempts to hide it from public view. Silver Miller, along with co-counsel the Wites Law Firm, made an announcement that the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on the 23rd of April that the pending class action on behalf of former Cryptsy customers and account holders belongs in an open courtroom, not hidden in a private arbitration boardroom. The lawsuit alleges that from 2014 to 2016, Coinbase assisted the former CEO, Paul Vernon and operator of since-shuttered cryptocurrency exchange Cryptsy in laundering stolen digital assets valued at the time at $8.2 million a sum now valued at over $100 million.”

According to the class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs consists of all Cryptsy account users who had deposited digitalized currencies at Cryptsy and were denied access to their accounts from 22nd May 2014 till date.

The lawsuit affirms the Coinbase aiding in Vernon’s case which lacked fiduciary obligations, negligence, and unfair enrichment. Coinbase will have to be accountable for other frauds such as the introduction of BCH in December prior to its release in January.


The company has also claimed the funds that were not delivered to the receiver’s end which is considered unlawful. Recently the account holders at Coinbase have complained about the platform breakdowns, wherein the transaction would not occur in time causing a loss of assets.

David Silver, lawyer and co-founder of Silver Miller, one of the most reputed in the crypto-world says:

“I have preached that accountability, transparency, and verification are needed in the crypto exchange space, this ruling brings the plaintiffs one step closer to finding out just what type of Know Your Customer protocols and Anti-Money-Laundering protections Coinbase employed and whether Coinbase complied with state and federal statutes in that regard. Coinbase has delayed and tried to keep discovery hidden from the public long enough. That stops now.”

Frank Devoe, a crypto-critic says:

“We want justice and how can we trust a company that has crowned itself at the top of the crypto exchange platforms with plausible mismanagements and illicitness.”

Brian, a Twitterati says:

“Just because I find $5 on the footpath and assume to keep it for myself, which is not mine is wrong, it does not matter how much money I got from the streets. According to the law, it’s a loss for the individual who dropped the money and being a citizen it’s my profound duty to report it.

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