Cardano [ADA]’s new wallet by Emurgo completes the 15th August announcement

On 15th August, Emurgo, a partner of Cardano released a video from its official YouTube channel to give out the final announcement following Charles Hoskinson’s announcement of 14th August. Ken Kodama, who is one of the Founders of Cardano and the CEO of Emurgo revealed the name of its first product built on Cardano called Yoroi.

Yoroi is a light wallet for Cardano, claimed to be simple, fast and secure by Kodama. It is built by the science and engineering firm, InputOutput [IOHK] led by Charles Hoskinson and falls under one of Emurgo’s products. Kodama also stated that Yoroi uses the best software practices according to the industry standards that also includes an elaborated security audit.

Emurgo’s recent tweet | Source: Twitter

Moreover, Kodama also mentioned that the wallet has been built with an expectation of day-to-day utility by the respective customer-base.

Emurgo is based out of Japan and is a venture capital arm of Cardano. The blockchain firm assists in Cardano’s commercial ventures and development by bringing businesses on Cardano’s blockchain. Kodama defined Emurgo’s main goal to be the growth of Cardano’s ecosystem and reach businesses globally.

Regarding the upcoming release of Yoroi, the official Twitter handle of the Cardano Foundation also wrote:

“The Cardano roadmap has been updated with a special announcement on Project Icarus, a reference implementation for lightweight wallets, and Yoroi, a light-client wallet launched by Emurgo today!”

In the last announcement, the CEO and Co-founder of IOHK spoke about the new wallet called Icarus, which will run as a Google Chrome extension. Hoskinson also told his viewers that Yoroi is a hard fork of Icarus and the testnet for the same is due this month while the MainNet might be launched next month.

Recently, Cardano also announced the launch of its IELE testnet. The purpose of IELE launch is to assist the development and efficiency of Cardano’s virtual machine. This will further help to eliminate issues regarding security and correctness.

Cardano 1.4 is another upcoming update by the Cardano team, which is scheduled to arrive on 4th September, as stated by Hoskinson in one of the video updates on Twitter. This is considered to be one of the biggest upcoming updates of Cardano.

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