Cardano [ADA]’s mainnet and testnet updates

Cardano [ADA] has been up to a lot of things of late with test net release, schedules for the future, wallet updates, world tours, conferences, and a lot more. There have been constant updates given by the Cardano team which includes the following:

Daedalus Wallet:

They have been working primarily on maintenance of the wallet, the biggest one being the React 16 that requires a lot of changes in Daedalus codebase. They recently announced the release of paper wallets and Cardano 1.2.0 which is a more secure platform to store ADA in.


The team continued to work on the addition of server-side transport layer security check while the work pertaining to Cardano-s1 has been merged. The installers on Daedalus’ side is still pending as the team continues to work on it. Other parts of new wallet specifications, development, wallet transaction submission layer, input selection, transaction fee estimation, and many more things have been improved, updated and few are still in progress.

Additionally, they have also been working on the old to new data layer migration.


Continued efforts are put into speeding up the application and verifying of blocks where the team looked into the new deserialization. Block syncing progress bar in Daedalus and the routing table maintenance for peer discovery is ready to be reviewed.


The team successfully launched the KEVM test net as they prepared for it intensively last week. Their efforts towards the scheduled test net – IELE, continues as they have verified a new mechanism to run independent builds of Daedalus at the same machine works, whether on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Eventually, it will be possible to simultaneously run both main net and test net versions on the same machine without any interruptions. They continue to focus on provisioning the Cardano test net with an appropriate genesis block and integrating the new faucet backend.

Another candidate for Cardano 1.2 and Daedalus 0.10 was released by the DevOps and further plans to propose this release as an upgrade to the main net blockchain this Monday but will go into effect on Tuesday.

Goguen – Fundamental research:

Goguen is a repeatedly used word but the least known. Goguen is all about smart contracts. The basic and the most significant research phase required to accomplish the goal set by the team is almost at the other end of the tunnel. The general work on sidechains, multicurrency, and chimeric ledger is almost maturing and several papers have been submitted.

Languages and Virtual Machines:

The VMs are built using formal semantics and the K framework. Some light has been shed on improvising the smart contract language based on Haskell which is mainly focussed on dealing with the current deficiencies in smart contract languages. The language core development and its accompanying library, as well as the core specs, are under development. This forms an integral part and is actually the foundation of the entire language.


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