Bitcoin Private [BTCP], the biggest gainer for the week spreads FOMO! – Sentiment Analysis – April 23

The cryptocurrency market looks steady showing not much volatility or price gains. The coins are moving sideways and looking to consolidate the gains. Another coin which gained majorly is EOS which was trading in the $9 level last week and at 3:23 PM UTC, it was seen to be trading at $11.59 with a market capitalization of $9.400 billion. EOS moved up a rank to claim the 5th spot once again, pushing down Litecoin [LTC] to the 6th spot.

The coin has had a gain of 44.43% in the last one week. Bitcoin is still trading above the $8900 mark and at 3:28 PM UTC, it was seen to be trading at $8914.43 with a market capitalization of $151.499 billion. The total market capitalization had gone down below $400 billion mark but it has come back up and currently is at $400.638 billion. The highest gainer of the day is still Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

Our sentiment analysis segment provides quality sentiments of people from around the world which were gathered after interviewing a group of analysts, investors, skeptics, miners, influencers. These expert opinions are on the current market trends and the possible outcomes of the coins. The comments are presented as it is to ensure that our readers get a wholesome picture of the cryptocurrency market.

This analysis is on the highest gainer among the top 25 in the last 7 days, viz. Bitcoin Private.

Bitcoin Private [BTCP]


The gain by Bitcoin Private in the last 7 days amounts to 125.28% and at 3:56 PM UTC, the coin was seen to be trading at $56.18 with a market capitalization of $1.139 billion. This is a recently forked altcoin which is slowly gaining popularity.

During the day, it gained 4.32% and the chances are that the coin may move up in the rankings. On Saturday, the coin shot up to $78 within a few moments and it was immediately reversed. It was recently co-forked from Bitcoin and ZClassic and its mainnet went live on March 3rd. The coin got into the top 25 list of cryptocurrencies and currently, it is at the 24th spot in the rankings.

Alex Dickinson, a Historian from Ohio says:

“This is a huge FOMO moment for the community as the coin spiked up very recently gaining prominence and placing it in the top 25 list. The coin is yet to be listed on many of the exchanges and most of the trading that is happening right now are on obscure exchanges.”

Sonia Powell, an architect from Bali says:

“The Bitcoin/ZClassic fork is community driven and it consists of over 50 talented contributors as of now. The list of exchanges that list Bitcoin Private includes: BarterDex, BitPlace, CryptoBroker, Exrates, Nanex, Octaex, Trade Ogre, Trade Satoshi. They have announced that it will be listed on HitBTC soon.”

Andres Maxwell, an Electrical Engineer from Valencia says:

“The altcoin was seen to be trading in the $45 mark on Sunday but it hiked to $56.80 today which is the highest since the all-time high of $82.63 on the 11th of March this year. The coin still remains undervalued and the whales have to start investing in the altcoin.”

To conclude, 59% of the Bitcoin Private respondents feel bullish at the present moment and the sentiments from around the world are mostly positive. Another 41% of the Bitcoin Private respondents feel that it is too early to take a stand for the coin and they are waiting for it to get listed on major exchanges.

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