Bitcoin Cash Network Nodes Prepare for Upcoming Network Hard Fork

An interesting development is on the horizon for the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem. The upcoming hard fork is just over three weeks away. Unfortunately, it seems most of the network nodes have yet to upgrade their client. As of right now, just 8% of the nodes are compatible with the hard fork code, which is somewhat worrisome.

The Bitcoin Cash hard fork is a big milestone for this alternative currency. It will introduce a lot of network upgrades to ensure a stable future for BCH. With the maximum block size increasing to 32MB, an important step is being taken. although BCH blocks are far from full right now, the ecosystem needs to keep growing and evolving ahead of any problems that may arise.

Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Deadline Draws Near

Other minor features will be introduced as well, as outlined in the Bitcoin ABC blog post. Anyone running this particular software client will need to accommodate the upcoming changes by upgrading their software. For some reason, that has not happened yet. While there’s still a lot of time left, the current statistics are not all that promising.

Just 8% of the Bitcoin ABC users run the updated client at this time. A promising start, but far from the majority needed to make this hard fork a flawless milestone. Users still have over three weeks to ensure they run  a compatible client. Anyone operating a full node – at home or otherwise – and supporting this fork is advised to make the upgrade as soon as possible.

It is always important to see exchanges, wallet providers, et cetera upgrade first. Additionally, mining pools and miners need to follow this lead by example. Individual users with a full node are of vital importance to the network as well. There should also be updates coming to Bitcoin XT and other clients supporting Bitcoin Cash. How all of that will play out, remains to be determined.

Editor’s Note: BCHNodes Claims over 35.64% have upgraded to Bitcoin ABC 0.17.0. It is unclear if this number is completely accurate at this time.

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