“Bitcoin [BTC] is the Napster of digital asset” – says Brad Garlinghoue, Ripple [XRP] CEO

During the Codecon talk show, held at 2018 Code Conference, Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple [XRP] discussed various interesting topics regarding blockchain technology and the role of Ripple in solving issues faced by different industries.

While speaking about cryptocurrencies and digital assets, he mentioned:

Bitcoin is kind of the Napster of digital asset. It did show us what’s possible, it showed us blockchain is a transformative technology”

Furthermore, he mentioned that Ripple is currently focusing on a vertical problem, the cross-border payments. He also discussed the clear difference between Ripple and XRP and how people are spreading misinformation about these two entirely different concepts.

A cryptocurrency enthusiast on Twitter says:

“Ripple is a great project but posting anti-bitcoin content does not help. Bitcoin is the symbol of this industry. it is also the most liquid asset in the crypto market. The market has shown that if price of Bitcoin goes down everything else including XRP drop even more.”

Klaas Kabini, a software engineer and a Tech Speaker commented:

“I believe in Ripple mission but now disappointed to hear such a dumb statement from Ripple CEO. Bitcoin was designed from the ground up to be resilient against censorship and regulation. Bitcoin is like the internet, no one company controls the internet.”


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