Binance – Malta story widens with Changelly’s partnership

Binance, with another big announcement, stated a partnership with Changelly, an instant cryptocurrency exchange platform with more than 100 coins and tokens in their list. This partnership between the world’s largest trade platform and Changelly will enable faster transactions and more trading pairs with better rates for its clients.

Partnership Announcement

Binance and Malta’s story have been circulating in the market for a long time since Binance’s shift to Malta. This new deal that Changpeng Zhao has struck with Konstantin Gladych, CEO of Changelly is also in the Mediterranean island country of Malta.

CZ stated during the announcement:

“After the personal meeting about the partnership, I am confident that Changelly has a professional team with adequate experience and great potential. Together we believe we can provide users globally with a top-class service.”

Changelly which is based in Prague will act as a user-friendly broker between the customers of the two exchange platforms who are willing to trade cryptocurrency in an easy and direct method. Binance’s API and cryptocurrency rates will be integrated with the aim to offer better rates and faster exchanges in real time to clients from every part of the world. Changelly’s algorithm will pick up Binance’s live exchange rates and give them to the user in real-time, keeping alive the instant exchange possibility.

Changelly’s own instant exchange API is already available to many existing partners including Jaxx, CoinMarketCap, Breadwallet, Coinomi, Mycelium, and Coinpayments.


Craig Stoop, a Changelly user says:

“Changelly is a huge ripoff compared to shapeshift. Hope everyone realizes how Big this Is! Awesome Steps!”

The partnership aligns with a common primary goal of creating more functionalities in the market. Binance being the largest altcoin trading platform with dozens of tokens, currencies, and assets is a great solution for Changelly as they look forward to improvising currency support, benefits with more liquidity and speedy transactions, claim the associated people.

Thomas Suzie, a speculator tweeted:

“Congratulations on this partnership. Together you will add even more value to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.”

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