The Perfect Pitch Presentation

ICOBox’s Head of International PR, Dima Zaitsev, explains the mechanics of preparing a dynamic, eye-catching presentation for potential investors

It happens nearly every day. I meet fiery, young entrepreneurs who are full of exciting innovative ideas, eager to introduce new products and services. They have the technical know-how and field expertise to succeed but find themselves stuck: their ideas are bigger than their wallets, and they can’t seem to strike a chord with investors.

They’ve pitched to venture capitalists over and over and over again with no luck, and this can be disheartening. Scary questions start to crop up, “do we need to go back to the drawing board,” or even worse, “should we abandon the project?”

Sometimes, turning the page is the answer, but during my time working with countless startups, I have found that giving is rarely the best choice. The idiom, “great ideas sell themselves,” is categorically false.

At ICOBox, we are proposing an alteration: “great ideas conveyed through great presentations sell themselves.”

Our team excels at crafting fully customized investor presentation experiences to communicate your ideas efficiently and effectively. From aesthetics to content, to flow, our team acts as expert translators, taking the time to fully understand your business model and goals, and then positioning them in the best light possible.

We’ve compiled our top 5 tips to help refine your pitch deck and investor presentation.

For more pitching services, including design, brand awareness, and presentation development, reach out to us on our website. Good luck and happy pitching!

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