Microsoft’s Botched October Windows Update Affects Broker Clients

Support departments at some brokers have found themselves confounded by recent client complaints. The core of the issues which some broker customers have been facing is the newest update of Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system.

The news that the package is deleting user files, documents in particular, has spread right after Microsoft started to push the update globally late last week. The patch was quickly suspended by the software giant, but only after numerous reports about users losing their files.

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Users noticed that their documents were being deleted and apparently password files for MetaTrader accounts got affected too. Some brokers have been flooded by request on part of clients to restore their passwords.

Since the reports about the malicious behaviour of the newly patched operating system spread out, Microsoft suspended the Windows 10 October 2018 Update.

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All of the users who installed version 1809 might have been affected by the issue.

MetaQuotes Recommendation

Microsoft has been recommending affected clients to contact the company immediately. Users are reporting different issues including failing drivers and lack of internet connectivity.

The software provider developing the most popular trading platform for retail traders, MetaQuotes, warned Windows users to backup their passwords before updating.

The patch apparently also affects apps which are purchased from the MetaTrader Market. The configuration and encryption keys of the latest update from Microsoft are affecting the operating system in a manner a fresh Windows install would.

“All of the passwords that MetaTrader attaches to the OS and the computer hardware will become invalid after the update. We strongly recommend you to save your passwords in a special file before starting the update process to save the access to your trading accounts,” MetaQuotes elaborated in a statement.

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