Clear skies ahead if Bitcoin closes over monthly-ATH of $13,800; bold claim or given?

As the $13,000 mark is left shattered yet again, all eyes now point to the monthly close of Bitcoin. The all-time high for the top cryptocurrency, in 2019, was recorded at the close of June when the price tapped out just above the $13,800 mark.

Now, with the market stabilizing around $13,000, BTC dominance soaring to levels not seen for a long time, and the altcoins firmly in a rut, expectations, and hopes will be on the king coin closing out July with bullish momentum.

Josh Rager, a prominent cryptocurrency analyst, and digital asset advisor for Token Bacon and Level Invest voiced this sustaining-bullish sentiment. In his recent tweet, Rager stated that the “bullishness,” cannot be ‘denied,’ if Bitcoin closes above the monthly ATH.

According to the monthly chart of Bitcoin, the previous monthly ATH chart, based on closing prices stood at $13,863 recorded in December 2017. It should be noted here that the all-time daily close for Bitcoin was pegged close to $20,000 in the middle of the aforementioned month, but correction shaved over $6,000, closing out the month at $13,863.

He added that if this monthly close does materialize, based on price history, there is no “resistance overhead,” with the “only support,” remaining. Hence, Bitcoin could use this as a foundation and break the all-time daily price high of $20,000.

Rager tweeted,

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