Latest Updates On Coinbase : It Now Allows To Buy And Sell ZCash

The crypto investors and fans are disappointed as their transactions are not so anonymous as they expect it to be. They also have other options like Monero(XMR) or ZCash(ZEC). The good news to all ZCash fans is that Zcash trading is now possible.

The Zcash fans can now buy and sell ZEC tokens. The users can now trade ZEC through the browser or Coinbase iOS and android apps. As this is a privacy coin, some of the countries and jurisdictions and are against it. Hence, Coinbase will not enable trading and holding of ZEC in some countries and jurisdictions. Presently, a member of UK or the state of New York is forbidden from trading and owning ZEC tokens on Coinbase platform.

What is ZCash?

One of the top privacy coins in the market, Zcash, is an asset that is a technical achievement in cloaking transactions. Hence, it will remain a secret as to what was the ZEC token used for.  

It allows both transparent and shielded transactions with the token. Also allows to choose the visibility of the transactions. Although most of the governments have not approved shielded trading, some people want a clear trace of their trades while using the asset.

Additional assets are to be added

Currently, the company plans to add more assets. Most of the Coinbase users are expecting the addition of some more assets for trading. Thus Coinbase plans to move ahead with providing its users with additional assets.

During 2018, many assets were added and some more will be added in the year 2019. Although many of the assets among these will not be accessible to some of the jurisdictions, as they might not allow crypto trading without receiving the licenses. Thus referring its site is helpful in understanding which token one can possess.

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