decentralized exchange announces multiple trading promotions during trial period starting May 24th, a decentralized platform incubated by Bitmain, is pleased to announce that during its trial period (from May 24th HKT 13:00), the exchange will have multiple promotions! On the 24th, it will open trading pairs on ZIL, KNC, and LOOM, and there will be no fees during the trial period! Users will receive 0.05 ETH (limited to 200 users) after finishing their first trade, and there will also be a prize pool of 85,000 ZIL and 2,000 KNC for trading competition as well!

High Security & Instant Trading is a decentralized Ethereum-token exchange platform based on smart contract. It introduces the innovative ROC (Replayed-On-Chain) trading mechanism that leverages the synchronized off-chain and on-chain ledgers to enable instant trading while making traders’ assets safe. is committed to providing the most secure, instant, and low-cost trading experience to end users in all levels.

Quality Trading Experience believes in the concepts of a simple design interface and a professional product. During the design process, the exchange simplifies the complicated interactions among users, the blockchain network, and the Ethereum wallet; Put simply, reduces trading difficulties for its users.

In the future, mobile trading for iOS and Android will also be developed along with the hardware wallet Ledger and imToken integration. In addition, by supporting cross-chain transactions, seeks to support other public blockchains such as RSK, BCH, EOS and to create more diverse trading pairs, with more liquidity for a better trading experience for its users.

Expert Development Team

Team members of are based around the world—in Switzerland, the United States, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Core technical members consist of smart contract experts that are computer science PhDs from Stony Brook University and University of Science and Technology of China. Technical members of have previously held key positions in Google and Uber as system architects.’s team has a rich history of research and development in the Fintech industry and it is committed to developing and promoting the underlying blockchain technology. It is achieving this by developing its own Braft federal-chain consensus, supporting multiple setting smart contract models and functions such as a decentralized digital derivative trading market.

Since revealed itself to the public, it has gained a lot of attention from the blockchain industry: the number of current registered users has broken 10,000! Establishing itself as a secure and instant exchange, with multiple promotions, we believe will surprise a lot more people during its trial period!

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