New ICO listed: Freldo ICO, AvailCom ICO (AVL token)

To understand how Freldo ICO works, let’s briefly focus on the main principles and benefits of this network:

1) Freldo is a special social network created as a practical solution to the everyday problems of ordinary people and the fostering of small and medium business development. The idea behind creating such a resource appeared about 10 years ago, when the members of the current Freldo team tried to find at the distance of the “extended hand” an ordinary electrician for some simple work. It turned out that it was not so easy. Likewise, it was difficult to find a plumber, a mechanic, a good hairdresser, a confectioner, etc.

2) Every family, every person, needs to be in the services of different professionals at times. Such specialists, as a rule, live and work next to us. However, to contact them, despite the presence of the internet and mobile phones, we spend too much time. Freldo solves this problem.

3) Freldo ICO is created for the exchange of real experiences. It is known that the best way to find a good offer on the market is to ask a friend. In this social network, you will have friends who will advise you exactly on a specialist who knows their business well, fulfills orders on time, and does so at a reasonable price.

4) Freldo brings business and clients to the same site. We are unlikely to be interested in an experienced babysitter living hundreds or thousands of miles from our house. And the plumber is unlikely to agree to go change the water tap in the neighboring state. On Freldo, customers and service providers find each other based on proximity.

AvailCom ICO will become one of the first platforms that gather all the requested services in one place, facilitating their accessibility to the public. It is planned to introduce a method of payment for all types of services by available means, including crypto- currencies through its own payment system AvailPay. This will provide the service with additional development and profit.

The objective of the innovative block platform is the availability of the rental market for all segments of the population, improving the convenience of the service and securing transactions for both sides. AvailCom today not only supports these functions but also develops new additional opportunities, using for this technological innovation and corporate standards.

The AvailCom ICO platform is an international project of the real estate market. We use our own designs that are designed to provide users with a decentralized platform, as well as standard voting functions through which they can use and manage the platform by voting the participants who hold AVL tokens.


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