Ethereum Early Adopter Jeff Berwick Interviews The Father Of Vitalik Buterin

This amazing interview of Dmitry Buterin by Jeff Berwick really helped me understand the vision of Vitalik Buterin. When I first began my journey into the realm of Ethereum it was thanks to Jeff Berwick when he mentioned Ethereum was a great buy at $2. I had no idea what a smart contract was but since Jeff saw potential in it I figured I would buy some. Then came the DAO, thankfully I only lost a small amount. We all know what happened with Ethereum within a year, to the moon!

Raising A Russian Crypto Genius with Dmitry Buterin.

Thank You, Dmitry for Being a Supportive Dad!

After watching the interview my biggest takeaway is that being a Father of a genius is tough work. Being a new Father of a boy myself, I felt a connection with Dmitry’s journey. I hope that raising a child to explore their passions rather than using forceful parenting will open up a world of wonder for my son.

Maybe, my Maximus will be the next young tech genius or be the one that finds a way to make government obsolete. 

I look forward to meeting you soon Dmitry. Come to Anarchapulco!

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