Tron’s popularity shoots up on Github as Ethereum, EOS get left in the dust

Tron’s influence in the space was made evident after its DApp industry dominated its closest rivals, EOS and Ethereum. This clear disparity in DApp numbers has predominantly been the main reason why Tron has shot into the limelight and also why Tron’s parameters are equally, if not more, comparable to that of bigwigs like the Vitalik Buterin-led Ethereum.

In his latest tweet, Justin Sun, Chief Executive Officer of the Tron Foundation, stated,

“According to , on #Github in past 6 months, #TRON ranked 13 with 1258 commits which already surpassed #ETH (511 commits) and #EOS (311 commits). Hard work always shows! We don’t take it as progress, it’s just a beginning. #TRON onwards. #TRX $TRX”

Source: Twitter

According to the analysis, Tron’s in-app purchases had boomed during the month of March, reaching a peak on March 18. The later time period showed a decrease in purchases, although the commits steadily increased to 1258.

Ethereum, at the same time, calculated its parameters in terms of programmable contracts and money because of the number of tokens based on the ETH platform. Programmable contracts and money reached a peak on February 13 as usage dipped over the following months. The number of commits for the second largest cryptocurrency was a little more than a third of Tron’s at 511.

EOS, which had shot to fame for its mass adoption in gambling applications, was negatively affected the most with a commits number of 311. The number of decentralized applications on WebAssembly was calculated and it was revealed that the numbers spiked during the second week of February, post which it fell to abysmal depths. This can be counted as the main reason why the 311 commits for EOS was the least among the lot.

Tron was also in the news recently after the block height of the Tron blockchain broke the 10 million barrier, creating a new record for the Justin Sun-led Tron Foundation.

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