Cardano [ADA]’s Charles Hoskinson discusses Rust as the first open-source project

Charles Hoskinson, the Co-Founder of the science and engineering firm InputOutput talked about the Cardano Rust Project and the anniversary of Cardano earlier this week. He stated that Cardano’s Rust is the first open-source project aimed at widening the reach of the technology to a broader range of third-party developers.

Furthermore, Hoskinson explained that the project is significant for a number of reasons. Firstly, it opens up Cardano to the large community of Rust developers who might not have the ability to code or have much knowledge of Haskell. He also stated:

“It proves an important point, namely that the Cardano platform stands for itself, independent of its Haskell implementation. The Rust SDK serves as a proof of concept for the fact that any language can build on the Cardano platform.”

On being asked to mention one special factor about Cardano on its anniversary, the creator said that the Rust Project is something that the team is especially proud of. More so, announcing the project was exciting for the team and has acted as the kick to start the second year.

Lastly, Hoskinson stated that there have been a number of notable milestones and achievements to highlight since Cardano’s launch a year ago. In May 2018, IOHK partnered with the Ethiopian government to explore applications of blockchain technology in the country, including coffee supply chain traceability. Subsequently, he mentioned:

“We also continued to drive blockchain knowledge forward through the establishment of a number of blockchain development training courses, in Barbados and Ethiopia.”

Earlier this year, IOHK released a video where its CEO was talking about his vision for Africa with the help of the blockchain technology. Time and again, Hoskinson has also expressed that his foremost purpose of joining the cryptocurrency and blockchain space was to work in the interest of the developing world by advancing its technological sector.

In the cryptocurrency market, Cardano [ADA] is down by 2.99%. At press time, ADA was trading at $0.0809 with a market cap of over $2 billion and 24-hour trading volume of $44.3 million.

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